Tax Services

Individual Income Tax Return Preparation

According to the Internal Revenue Service, the average individual will spend around 12 hours to prepare their annual federal income tax return.  Let us help free up your time by handling the preparation of your upcoming income tax returns.

Business Income Tax Return Preparation

Our team has extensive experience preparing business income tax returns for partnerships, limited liability companies, and S and C corporations in various industries.  Contact us to see if our firm would be a good fit to handle your business income tax returns.

Fiduciary Income Tax Return Preparation

Being in a fiduciary position can be a daunting task, especially if you have no previous experience in such a situation.  Whether you are the trustee of a trust or the personal representative of an estate, we are here to walk you through any income tax return filing requirements you are responsible for.  

Tax-Exempt Organization Return Preparation

Preparing returns for tax-exempt organizations is one of our specialties.  We would love to prepare your organization's Form 990, Form 990-T, Form 990-N, Form 990-EZ, or Form 990-PF so that your time can be spent making the world a better place.

Hawaii General Excise Tax Return Preparation

Hawaii is a beautiful island with a quirky tax system.  We can help put your mind at ease by ensuring you are filing your periodic and annual Hawaii general excise tax returns timely, and making sure you are claiming any exemptions and deductions you are entitled to.

Tax Planning

Planning ahead for the future can have its benefits.  Sometimes there are actions that can be taken in the short-term to facilitate a more beneficial long-term outcome.  Sometimes it's simply reassuring to project what the future may have in store.   Whatever the reason, our staff is ready and willing to fulfill your tax planning needs.

Accounting Services

Financial Statements

Our office can provide financial statement services with varying degrees of assurances.  We can review, compile, or prepare financial statements for your business to help fulfill the needs of management, owners, investors, or creditors.    Unfortunately, our firm does not provide audit services at this time.


Maintaining accurate and up-to-date books is key for any business, but it can also be tedious and mundane.  Leave your daily accounting and reconciliations up to us, or allow our professionals to do periodic reviews of your accounting records to ensure you are getting relevant information to run your business.

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